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“What Makes for A Competitive Employment Benefits Package?”

ImageBeing the president and CEO of an HR consulting firm, I was recently asked some questions as to what calls for a competitive employment benefits package in this day and age. In respect to Generation Y entering the workforce, these were my answers to the questions: 

Q: From your observations, what do you think attracts more job candidates?

A: With the Millennias gaining a foothold in the workforce today, it is necessary for organizations to recognize their current and cutting edge talents and retain them inside companies.  They are looking for job enhancement opportunities or they will become restless and move on to another opportunity.  I would not call this job hopping per se, but more allowing them to work independent, challenge their thinking and decision making skills so that they feel empowered to continue to grow their skills.  It is all about them and less about being loyal to the organization.  If they don’t feel like they are getting what they expect from a job, they will just leave it.  Money and stability is not high on their priority list.  Learning and growing their skills is key to their success today.  Therefore, an employer must have a flexible schedule to offer challenging tasks for them and flexible work schedule.  They want to come and go without the baggage and responsibilities that the baby boomers craved for in their work.  Again, work life balance is very important to the Millennias and they will stay in a job as long as these personal points are filled.   

Q: What are you proud to offer to your employees?

 A: With that said, I offer a very flexible work environment that allows the Millennias to learn new tasks, come to work during a time that is established by them, leave after the projects are completed and challenge their thinking every step of the way.  I provide a lot of autonomy for them to grow their skills.  What I get in return is fresh, current thought-provoking thoughts, ideas and projects that are not mainstream and creative to my clients.  



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