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From Scout to Manager: The Manager’s Oath


Attention Managers! Here at e-VentExe, we are “rounding up the troops” and initiating our very own set of guidelines to becoming a Superstar Manager! Ever wondered what makes a great leader? Sure, anyone can manage, but not everyone can be a great manager. Do your mind, body, and company good — challenge yourself, commit whole heartedly to the responsibility of being the best manager for your company, for your employees, for yourself. Take the exclusive Manager’s Oath.

The Manager’s Oath has three components: The Manager’s Code, The Manager’s Promise, and the Manager’s Law.


By committing to the Manager’s Oath, you are entering into an exclusive circle of committed members to uphold the below oath without question and with full purpose and vigor. Please raise your dominant hand and repeat the below bullet points;

As a Manager I will do my best to:

Be clear and concise.
I will express my thoughts, ideas, and wants in a straightforward manner, while also being respectful. I will support open communication among all members. I will encourage my employees to ask questions in order to create a safe environment for learning and self improvement.

Be careful with my language and gestures.
I will prevent any discomfort, mentally and physically, between myself and my employees. I will not harass, harm, or threaten my members in any way. I will not show any favoritism. I will not speak out of character when I am frustrated or stressed. I will provide a workplace where my employees will feel happy, comfortable, motivated and enjoy coming into work.

Be considerate of my employees.
I will treat my employees like how I want to be treated. I will praise them for their efforts and accomplishments. I will provide constructive criticism and encourage them to continue their hard work, so they feel confident to carry forward their responsibilities.

Be humble.
I will not take all the credit when a project succeeds. I will get off my high horse and shower my employees with meaningful and transparent compliments. I will ensure my employees feel appreciated and respected for the person that they are and grow to become.

The Manager’s Promise

On my honor I will do my best, 
By giving your word, you are promising to follow the ideals of the Manager’s Oath. You will put in a considerable amount of effort to live by the points depicted in the Oath. You will measure your accomplishments with your own standards and follow your best judgments, uninfluenced by peer pressure or selfish ideals.

To do my duty to my employees and my company.
You will provide your employees with the necessary training needed for them to succeed and grow within your company. You will create a connection, as well as be approachable to your employees. You believe in building trust and sincerely listen to your employees’ problems, always finding ways to help. You will invest time and mentorship in employee development so that future career opportunities may be presented to your employees.

To be a great and dedicated manager at all times.
Many people look up to you for your skills and leadership persona. Your joyous smile, sense of humor, and words of encouragement make your employees work harder. They will do their best to see you succeed and make you look good among your higher peers. You will challenge your employees by delegating responsibilities to keep them motivated. By helping out whenever possible, you are doing your part to make your company better.

To keep myself physically engaged.
Be aware of what is going on with your company and employees. Be the person employees can count on for relevant company questions. Keep your commitments, and be true to your employees and yourself. Be realistic about workplace growth plans and solubility.

To be mentally intact, and morally sound.
Broaden your mind  in the workplace and outside of the business. Always be curious about everything around you, and try to incorporate what you learn into everyday leadership practices. With an inquisitive demeanor and the eagerness to learn, you can be much more intact with your surroundings and your role in the company. In order to be the best manager you can be, your business relationships with others should be open and sincere. You should value and defend the liberties of your employees. Remember your actions speak louder than words—always use your best judgment in the workplace. Furthermore, if you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all—use appropriate language in front of your employees. They will respect you.

The Manager’s Law

A Manager is:

  • HONORABLE—You tell the truth and keep to your promises. Your employees can depend on you. You are true to your company, employees, and peers.
  • HELPFUL—You want to alleviate as much stress on yourself as well as your employees. You will always delegate appropriate responsibilities to your members.
  • COMPASSIONATE—You are earnestly interested in others. Not only are you a manager, you are the first one to talk to when employee problems and conflicts arise. You seek to understand your employees. You respect your employees, and are tolerable and understanding of beliefs different from your own.
  • KNOWLEDGEABLE—You are an expert in your field. You are the main point of contact for questions and concerns. You must be well-versed in company procedures and goals. You must be able to answer questions pertaining to your department and company.
  • OPTIMISTIC—You look at the glass half full. You smile when given tasks. Even if you’re having an off day, you try to make the best of it with positive vibes. You never blame your mistakes on others. You motivate others to be happy and succeed.
  • DRIVEN—You want to be the best leader you can for yourself; everyday you encourage yourself to be strong and see it as an essential component for achievements.
  • CALM—You know how to play it cool when the pressure is on. You never blatantly show frustration or break down in stressful situations. You always want your employees to feel assured that everything is running smoothly.
  • COMPETENT — You are a problem solver. You face challenges head-on.
  • INNOVATIVE— You envision success at all times. You see the big picture and follow through.




*e-VentExe is a full service human resource consulting company located in Northern California and provides services in outsourcing & compliancy, recruitment & retention, training & development, and assessment tools. 


  1. […] We can compare this type of leader with the one who does too little. Think of the CEO who only wants to have fun at all times and attend retreats and trips. Sure, these leaders have paid their dues, but having a lax leader can leave a company running astray in multiple directions. Leaders strive to be the very best, but when FOMO ensues, it’s a different story.  Be that “superstar” leader others admire as depicted in the Manager’s Oath (check it out here: http://thehumanbalance.com/2013/06/13/from-scout-to-manager-the-managers-oath/)! […]


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