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Identifying Good Leadership


In the world of business, talk of leadership seems to be everywhere.  Good leadership is crucial to the success of any business and can substantially improve the workforce.Many books have been written on this subject, andcompanies regularly spend time and money to ensure that their leaders performsuccessfully. But how can we identify the good leaders in our organizations? The answer is simple: results.

Good leaders produce measurable results. To distinguish the true leaders, give them a responsibility and watch what they do with it.  Good leaders will find a way to get the job done, and take responsibility for their roles and the tasks that each role require.  A good leader will have a successful record of experiences and instances in which they have consistently produced effective and measurable results.

In order to produce results and take responsibility, good leaders must have a clear vision.  The ability to know the goal, visualize how to achieve it, and clearly communicate expectations to the workforce is their gift as an effective leader.  Having a vision is key because without it, motivation, inspiration and creativity cannot be properly passed on to their teams. 

A great leader must also lead themself. They must possess integrity and character, and maintain their behavior in both their personal and professional lives. They exemplify honesty, courage, accountability, and care for others. They practice humility, kindness and the serving of others before themselves because they recognize that those are indications of strength, not weakness, in a leader. When push comes to shove, wit and charm will not hold in the long run, but excellent and true character will lead to a future of success.

Our workplaces need great leadership. We need people who are willing to accept responsibility.  We need leaders who have the strength of conviction to do the right thing even when it would be easier to make a wrong decision.  We need displays of strong character, honesty, and integrity.  And we need our leaders to produce results that lead to workplace satisfaction and bottom line growth in our organizations. 

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