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Awakening Your “Sleeping Innovators”

ImageIn an age of constant change, upward movement, and new technology, we find ourselves becoming more and more innovative to meet the changing demands. We push, create, and sometimes stumble while reaching towards the next goal. In many organizations, individual employees personalize their goals which propel the company forward toward a common goal.


But what happens when an employee isn’t as innovative, creative, or motivated as their counterparts? The normal response to an employee like this is that they are un-innovative; determined to do their job within the predetermined job description with no deviation. Employees that are left to their own devices with no attempts to lift them up fall victim to office gossip and eventually drag the company down. They repeat the same habits and pitfalls of their job; I mean, wouldn’t you if you didn’t have any other reason to react positively?


So comes the major question to many company complaints about un-innovators: How do we get them to innovate, create, motivate and repeat? Many un-innovators can and will become a larger, more positive influence on your company by introducing inclusion, respect, and understanding into their work routine. Help them deviate from the norm that has kept them captive for so long; believe in them! Inclusion is key and can be accomplished by simply allowing them the space andfloor to participate in meetings, brainstorming, and familiarizing them with the motivated energy from their innovative counterparts that they have never known in themselves. Respect means giving them the chance to provide you with information and ideas while reassuring them that you believe in their input. Lastly, understanding will give them a platform to stand. Understand that they are just a sleeping innovator and that you can help wake them up! See what they have the potential of becoming and provide them with the support and resources available to succeed.


The process begins and ends with the employee, but is influenced by their superiors. Awakening the sleeping innovator inside starts with you, their superior!


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